UVic Sorority

The University of Victoria Sorority Interest Group is currently looking for approval from it's fellow students in order to etablish on campus.

The process of becoming a sorority under the National Panhellenic Conference is very long and extensive;  it involves meetings with the University Administration, hours of research on University Statistics, reading and understanding the Extension Process and following the recommended time line and practices for Extension.

Although it involves an incredible amount of work to start up a sorority, the benefits of it's establishment are worth it.

The main purpose behind this website is to help you understand what we are truly about.  It has come to our attention that certain individuals are spreading falsities about our group; therefore, we have put exactly what we are about on this website.

Please take a look at all pages.  We discuss the process of Extension, why we want a sorority, and provide links so that you can learn more about Greek Letter Organizations.

Please contact us if you have any questions: